Edmund Tayao says Duterte should "Change" too!

We know that our newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte is known for his tongue-lashing,jokes and public taunts.His a mean-tempered person and difficult to deal with.

But is he really that offensive and intractable?

In Davao local media are get used to his style and attitude.Even the neighboring Visayas and Mindanao provinces understand him and they admired what he has done to his administration in Davao.

Pretty sure we know for whom are those tongue-lashing and taunts.
Obviously those are for criminals especially the Drug runners and rapists,for public officials who are not bold enough and determined to implement the laws of the country,as well as the corrupt.

Jokes could be used by Duterte to lighten up people around him,mitigate a stressful situation like from political conflicts,press conferences and presidential tours, or could be used to insult someone-it depends on the person how he understand and analyze the joke.

The cultural and intonation are factors how he is perceived.If the one who is listening is from Visayas and Mindanao,from poor to middle class,he is not that offensive and can take it lightly.

But for those who are not yet accustomed to his personality-his a bad-ass to them.People who are trained with etiquette,customized to present themselves to the public in polite behavior view it as foul and insulting.

Now that we raise him to the presidency,many controversies are popping out whenever he speaks to the public.

Should we focus on his taunts or on his will to eradicate drugs and corruption?

Should he change first his behavior to become polite or change the country as what he did to Davao?

In DZMM radio station, the University of Santo Tomas professor Edmund Tayao said that change should not happen only on one side.

He told that it's not only the public that will adjust to his tough-talking attitude but Duterte too.

May mga pagbabagong nakikita sa mga tao, may mga adjustments dahil na rin siguro sa nakikita nilang napapanahong pagbabago. Ganoon pa man, hindi pwedeng isang sektor lang o isang side lang iyung mag-adjust.

However,Tayao is confident that Duterte can manage his tough-talking attitude.He can do his strong personality in Davao but not appropriate in his new role as president.



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