Jesus Christ Appears On PH Flag During Inaugural Speech of Rodrigo Duterte

During the inaugural speech of the Philippines' new president Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the netizens were not only focused on his curse-free speech and promises.

There are those who have playful minds that see something other than  the normal sorroundings.They are also aware of the settings and objects that sorrounds the main focus of an event.

Like the flag in Digong's right (left looking at the picture) while he was addressing his speech where an image of Jesus is formed.

The formed image is caused by wrinkles and folds in a way entirely accidental and unpremeditated.

Some believed that with this strange appearance of a God's image, this signals an approval or a blessing from heaven.

To get a deep understanding about this "Jesus in the flag image", we dig a little and found out that this psychological perception is called Face Pareidolia.

Paredolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus(an image or a sound)wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.(excerpted from wikipedia)

But whatever the reasons are, whether it is a sign from God or just a figment of some netizen's imagination,The important is we have a bold and straightforward President.

What do you think about the image in the flag? Does it depict something?



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