Online Petition To Remove Leila De Lima as Senator

The Duterte administration has been apparent in their campaign against personalities that protect the Drug trade in the country.

Digong already named the five police generals who were involved and demanded to relinquish their assignments and talk to him.

The "Tokhang" (knocking houses and ask people involved to stop their unlawful activity) campaign also has so far effective in convincing people to stop their illegal activities.

Rampant killings of persons involved in illegal drugs are happening everywhere, and those are blamed whether done by Duterte or by Drug lords- to avoid being named by their pushers or by the sympathizers  of anti-drug campaign of Duterte.

These are what we see today after Duterte is inducted to presidency.These developments could be positive signs to people who voted him that the president's promise to run after these persons involved in illegal drugs is happening already.

Despite the progress, there is one there that is not happy with the killings of criminals.

Leila De lima said that the president should be clear that killing suspects in legitimate police encounters should be the last resort and urged the administration to not just focus on small fry in the street but also big-time drug dealers.

She said that she is supportive of Rodrigo's campaign but said government must not be selective in whom to go after.

It has been known that Duterte is using the word "kill" in his advocacy against  illegal drugs.Everytime in his speeches, at the end he speak these words “Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not destroy the young people of this country because I will kill you.”

De lima have served six years as Justice secretary during Pnoy's administration and this filled the netizens with wonder why during her time as secretary was'nt able to stop the drug trade inside the Bilibid Prison.

According to a certain Joshua Jireh Cinco, who filed an online petition to have Leila De Lima impeached as senator of Republic of the Philippines, Leila is an impediment for the country to change. He asserted that bringing back the death penalty law is the only way the Philippines  can truly achieve change.

” Everyone expects for change and this change cannot be true or fulfill if LAILA DE LIMA still standing as the senador of this country holding the committee on justice.

Philippines is experiencing crime. in order to surpass crise death penalty must be impost. as the new administration come fort to change the community many druglords surrender and some who choose fight fort died and thus this Laila De Lima choan to be protector of these criminals though she stand firm to those who die with much full crime than those who die as a victim. now Filipinos we hire for change, in order to manifest change we must do our part to bring change. i urge to to sign this campaign againts Laila De Lima urging congress to file empeachment and totally, be liable for what she done.”

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The petition did not last long was removed as requested by supporters.



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