Dyesebel Got Stung By A Box Jellyfish

I really feel pity what Anne has encountered during her recent taping of "Dyesebel".It was said that the attack happened last wednesday night.

Box Jellyfish made Anne to feel the burning pain and still didn't want to go to hospital because she is worried about being  the cause of delay of their shooting.

She was then rushed to hospitals in Batangas then finally to St.Lukes Hospital where prints of jellyfish tentacles appeared on her left side.

On her twitter she tweeted "I noticed I couldn't feel my legs and slowly couldn't breath properly.I thought I was going to die".

Frequent tweets of friends and followers bombarding her with recovery messages and these make her very thankful tweeting"Thank you for all The Get Well Soon messages and showing your love and care.Sir Gabby,Mam Charo,Tira...".

...messages of concern.. Means a lot to me. This is the closest I've ever been to death and I've never been so afraid in my life..
— Anne Curtis-Smith (@annecurtissmith) April 4, 2014

... thank you Lord for giving me and my heart the strength to survive this. Thank you to everyone that has sent their well wishes and...
— Anne Curtis-Smith (@annecurtissmith) April 4, 2014

Good Morning everyone!!!! Feeling a bit better today! Praise God! After reading some of the other articles you guys found & tweeted me...
— Anne Curtis-Smith (@annecurtissmith) April 4, 2014

 Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN

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