Viral Photos of Rita Gabiola A Beautiful Badjao Girl are Trending Online

Just after a month of "Carrot Man" sensation,another star in the making went phenomenal.

This beautiful girl from the Badjao tribe went viral on social media when her photos spread fast after Topher Quinto Burgos,a photographer took snapshots of her while begging for coins in the street of Lucban,Quezon during a Pahiyas Festival.

Topher posted the photos in Nikon Philippines page tagged as "Beauty Slayer" which eventually catches the eyes of netizens that makes it to be virally reposted to Facebook pages with thousands to millions of followers.

Some netizens noticed she has a model look and compared her to former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Ylona Garcia.

I hope our newly elected officials are concerned with our Badjao brothers and start making ways how to alleviate their lives.

Just a little knowledge about Badjaos-widely known as the “Sea Gypsies” of the Sulu and Celebes Seas, the Badjao are scattered along the coastal areas of Tawi Tawi, Sulu, Basilan, and some coastal municipalities of Zamboanga del Sur in the ARMM. Amongst themselves, they're known as Sama Laus (Sea Sama) and are found living on houseboats where they make their livelihood solely on the sea as expert fishermen, deep sea divers, and navigators.(source:

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Photo Credit:Topher Quinto Burgos

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