Beheading Video of Robert Hall by Abu Sayyaf Appears on Social Media

Robert Hall, a canadian and one of the four hostages who was abducted by extremist group Abu Sayaff from a small marina on southern Samal Island in September 21, 2015 surfaces on social media.

The video went viral and some netizens are uploading it on social media when ISIS released the video on their channels on June 15, 2016 (Manila Time).

The brutal act of beheading is a response from ISIS affiliate Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines for failure of the Canadian government to meet their demands.

It was reported that the terrorist group is asking for a ransom amounting to 1 billion pesos($29M+) and just later this year they reduced the ransom to 300M pesos each.

But the Canadian government is steadfast to their "No Ransom Policy " thus urge the Abu Sayyaf to decapitate Hall after the deadline set

Hall was born in Calgary, 1949, but lived various places in Western Canada.

According to his family,he owned businesses in his life, from a small engine repair shop to a pizza stand.

He spent 25 years building his custom welding business, which specialized in everything from custom truck decks to aircraft repair.

The family remembered Robert Hall as a hardworking; a self-made man who worked his entire life to raise his family.

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